Orange is the new black. Seeing Yourself on Television

For the past year, different people have been telling me that I look like TV character Stella Carlin who features in the program Orange is the new black. I had not noticed this before but I put the matter into consideration after the persistent remarks. Although I do not identify with her because she is an inmate, a face split-screen photo I did confirmed that we have some resemblances. During her time in incarceration, Stella meets Piper Chapman and they both start sewing panties for the whispers business Eventually, they become closer when Stella starts helping Piper with his illegal business where Piper takes leftover materials from their sewing room and makes more panties for other inmates. Also, Stella smuggles the panties to sell them online. With time, Piper became romantically interested in Stella and they both started a love affair. Since Alex had broken up with Piper, Stella used a makeshift gun to make him a tattoo that advised him not to trust anyone in life.

When Stella later found out that she was about to get released, she stole all money from their panty business but Piper found out and sets her up by hiding contraband in her bunk. Two days to her release, Piper informs the authorities of the contraband and Stella gets detained once again. While the authorities lead her away, she turns to see Piper displaying the tattoo she had previously designed for him.

The experience of people likening an individual to a TV character can be exciting as well as discouraging at times.  First, one draws people’s attention wherever they go because everyone wants to confirm whether it is the same person they always see on the screen. This aspect might even lead to the creation of new friends who can benefit an individual’s life. Additionally, an individual learns to cope with attention at all times just like the TV stars do. It can be an exciting experience due to the various encounters with people. It night even encourage an individual to pursue a career they have always dreamt of because they realize that it is not difficult to be a star. This feeling is common when the person they resemble has a positive influence on the society or plays a role that reminds them of pleasant things. Additionally, an individual getting likened to a TV personality imagines of the popularity that comes with such experience and might even start imitating their favorite characters’ behaviors unconsciously. Appearing on television is many people’s dream because it opens new opportunities for them. Therefore, there is no harm imagining that one has already attained that level or opportunity of getting popular.

Getting likened to Stella Carlin gives me mixed feelings because I would not want to be in her position. However, I get motivated to work hard and always avoid conflicts so that I do not end up in a place like a prison. Additionally, watching her role reminds me that it ‘s hard to trust an individual even if they are close to you. However, it is also crucial to ensure that one treats others in the same way they would like to get treated. Although Stella got betrayed by Piper, she had initially betrayed him by spending all their earnings alone.

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