About this blog

The economic crisis, body hatred, stress, work burn out and a string of partners who do not appreciate our efforts, are non-committal and selfish has caused us to diminish our self-worth killing our confidence.

You are much more than the hurdles of this life. The blog is meant for you, to help you rebuild your self-confidence, explore your potential and feel good about yourself every day. High self-esteem and fully living this life are your rightful inheritance. It is time to make a change in our society, redefine ourselves and set new standards.

What causes human to fall out of love? It is because we want it all:

  • Great careers
  • High paying jobs
  • Decent housing
  • Perfect body shapes

…sadly we cannot have it all.  Some professions do not provide opportunities for a mother to juggle her professional life and be a wife and mother. The frustrations of failing in one area, or not getting your dream job leads to bitterness, regrets, and frustrations. It is not unusual to find a driver hooting and to scream at you, a cashier scolding you over mere misunderstandings, creating a chain of depressed and worn out individuals.

What is the Blog About?

My role in writing the blog is to crush the small voice whispering you cannot have what you want. Says who? I have spent the most days of my life listening to people share their fears and disappointment and getting to introduce them to new dreams providing a hopeful future.

Let me serve you, through my words and passion; let me help you build a life that is comfortable and happy living. A life that is not domineering by your family friends or colleagues. I am here to keep it real, provoke your thinking. I am no sage, so do not expect magic transformation or immediate answers.

Welcome to the New World

If I can make you smile or spark some inspiration in you, my job is done. Blogging has been a gift that has rejuvenated my creativity and introduced me to new people. Thank you reader for coming to my blog. How about you grab your favorite drink make yourself comfortable and stay a while. Unless stated otherwise, I own all the words and images on the website.  You might use the content but kindly provide a link back to the site.