Harmony within yourself

About Me

Hello there, I am Claire Muscatel a philanthropist and an optimist dedicated to bettering the world.  Born and raised in Mountain View city in California. I am blessed to call Henry my husband and to mother three adorable children. I am proud to use my laptop and thoughts to transform the lives of millions.

For a long time, I have been curious about human behavior. What is happiness?  Are there perfect relationships?  Why do some individuals struggle while others thrive in their dreams despite growing in the same environment?

My unusual combinations of skills and interest got me to quit my 8-hour job to start a relationship and life blog. I believe you have to bring out the best of your strengths to thrive in the world. I incorporate odd jobs like bartending, and instructing aerobics class to keep a roof over my head. I’ve also launched a few online projects to stay afloat. I believe that my entrepreneurial ability is critical to succeed in the modern world. No matter the obstacles, through hard work and grace I have the power to transform lives.

I am ever indebted to my Husband Henry. He happens to be my greatest supporter, my cheerleader and soundboard. He oversees all the household finances and family projects. Henry helps with the behind the scenes details of running ‘living life with open eyes.’

What I Love

My favorite individuals in the world are my family, my children and husband. When I am not blogging I am in the kitchen tweaking recipes or hanging out with friends drinking decaf tea while enjoying a good read.  My life is simple, constantly learning, ever smiling and most importantly I love genuinely.

I am obliged to serve the community through my words and passion. That is pretty much all about me. Let me help you in discovering your strength and reshaping your life. Thank you